Sunday, 19 August 2012

Mellie Update!

"We went to our first gymkhana yesterday. We had told Frankie that he would have to work hard to get a rosette this time. (S)Mellie, as always, was a little star. 

They did Handy Pony, Clear round jumping and gymkhana games.

We were very surprised when Frankie's name was called out as winner of his section of the Handy Pony. :D I think the agility obstacles that (S)Mellie has been doing helped her. 

The clear round jumping saw them improve throughout the 2 rounds they did. (Not sure if it was Kim who knocked the 2 jumps down :lol: ).

The first gymkhana race was the child on pony (and leader) running up the field then the child running back to the finishing line. Poor (S)Mellie had no idea what was going on! 3rd! :D The second race she got the idea. It was walk, trot and canter. She did well in walk (she's very fast) and trot but she very seldom canters so was overtaken by the welshies! 5th! :) 

Great day and (S)Mellie admired by all! :D"

Cooling down!

Benny and Merlin enjoying a shower in the hot weather!

Tuesday, 3 July 2012


Photos thanks to Jo who backed her, took her to shows, riding club camp and for picnics!  Nectorbee is now sold, renamed Callie and you can follow her in the blog below!

More of Moon!

Dun It By Moonlight is a North American Saddle Mule, bred in Ohio. She's now 7. Her dad is Arco Really Dun It - a fabulous donkey - and her mum was a foundation Quarter Horse. Moon was bred by Tami and Phil Gingrich of Bundysburg Buckskins.

Merlin and Mellie

Practising "horse" agility!

Djelimools new pack saddle.

Looking good!

Monday, 2 July 2012

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Mellie goes showing!

First show with (S)Mellie. Lots of shows have been cancelled over the last few months and this one had to change venues with just a few days notice.

She was a little star! (As she always is :D ). Her jockey was really pleased and they came home with 7 rosettes and a trophy. Even qualified for a couple of shows later in the season!

Frankie (7) is riding her and his mother, Kim, is leading. Frankie has had a bit of a fright with our little Welshie but he absolutley adores (S)Mellie. (Sorry about the name but that's what she's affectionately known as!)

Moon Combined Training

Moon mule won her first combined training ridden by Dawn Patrick, she wears a "All Saddle Solutions" saddle and if you look closely she has a very apt A.S.S saddle cloth!!