Friday, 2 May 2008

New Forest Pony Sales.

This nice little mule sold at the New forest pony sales yesterday for 85 gns.
Described as bay/dun 4yo filly in the catalogue and she apeared to be about 14hh.

Alot of mule for not a lot of money!!

I've also heard there was a driving pair of white mules not offered for sale and a naughty little mini mule.


Strawberry Lane said...

Sweet, sweet, sweet !

Eamon said...

What a great blog.

I love mules because they have the brains (and strength) of a donkey and the size and agility of a horse.

Strawberry Lane said...

Thanks for the correction on my link to your site.

How silly of me not to notice that error. Having spent much time in both England and Scotland, one would think I would, by now, know the difference.

In your post, you refer to a "naughty little mini mule" ... now he sounds quite interesting!

Have never had a mule, not been around them ... but they sure hold a fascination for me!