Thursday, 28 February 2008

Spots before the eyes....

Here is a photo of Muffin in action with Sheril on an endurance ride locally a few years back. It rained sideways all day and he seems to have his eyes almost closed against the weather in this pic!

"spotty" Muffin

I have kindly been sent some recent photos of the imported spotty mule Muffin.

This first one is 'Copyright NRH Photography' and is used with thanks - It is a stunning portrait of Muffin by the river at Santon Downham just after an AQHA annual trail ride in the forest.

Sunday, 3 February 2008

Bess (and friends!)

Bess is one of three ride and drive mules who live alongside camels, llama's, donkey and yak at Severnwye llama trekking.

Bess is 16.1 hands and regularly pulls a 6 seater Polish carriage through the Forest of Dean. Libby and May are 14.2 hands and are identical.