Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Muffin (The American Spotted Version!!!)

Today I was looking through my old appaloosa papers and stumbled across a cutting I had kept from the Telegraph - June 15th 1996. Included in this was a photo of Muffin the mule, who had just been imported to Norfolk from Wyoming along with his friend Millie.

Mule Day that year was held at Uttoxeter Racecourse and was sponsored by Smirnoff Moscow Mule.

I havn't been able to find much more recent information on those two mules - Muffin used to be easily spotted (sorry!!!!) at endurance rides in the South East and I believe Millie is a star at Parelli. Any more information would be appreciated!

Eleven years on from when I spotted this photo and I still covet Muffin!

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