Saturday, 12 January 2008

Are there other mule blogs?

Well so far I have found two other blogs that mention mules (unless you would like links to various grungy rock bands and of course those with shoe fetishes.....?)

The first blog I found was "My name is Paul" -

This blog will make you laugh and then cry.

Then tonight I stumbled across this blog "Riding in the backcountry" - which is not exclusively about mules but does include several gems of posts.

For example - Just a quick entertaining blog entry today... Many have asked about the horses used by the British Long Rider Daniel Robinson. When his lawyer was asked about their origin, he said that he believed they were some sort of "Chinese" horses. Once Daniel was freed and available for comment, he confirmed the horse's origin. His trusted friends and companions for the long arduous journey were in fact... Mules!

and - "Should I pack Horses or Mules"

I am asked this question regularly. Coincidentally, the only people who ever ask this question are those who have never owned a mule. That says a lot;

If anyone knows of other mule blogs please leave a link to them in the comments section or email me. Thanks!

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DrGooch said...

"Longears and Sourdough" at is almost completely geared toward telling the mule's story.