Sunday, 20 January 2008

Anybody out there......

Well its up to you guys now!!!

I have about four promised articles on mules to post when they arrive, and there will be a Treacle update in the spring if we don't float away in the meanwhile but otherwise I need imput from mule owners in the UK.

I'm happy to organise photo shows or eventually a "national show" or a class at a county show in the middle of the country if there would be any interest from mule owners?

I don't know maybe people would rather keep their mules the best kept secret?

Alternatively if you have emailed me and not had a reply try again - I ALWAYS reply to emails.

Best Wishes Laura

1 comment:

Strawberry Lane said...

I don't qualify to respond to this post.

I don't have any of those wonderful mules ('tho I would like one) and I don't live in the UK ('tho I would like to).

However, I hang around in the hopes of seeing more photos of mules and knowing about your life with them.