Monday, 10 December 2007

Treacle - Part 2

Well like almost everyone else this year was a bit of a washout, but I'd like to share a few Treacle photos with everyone!

Treacle had last winter off - having made it quite clear she wanted to spend the winter with the 2yo fillies (repeated fence hopping and serious sad droopy eared mule looks when put back in own paddock!) so she wintered out, got wild and wooly and taught the thoroughbreds how to leap in the feed troughs to demand dinner.

In April a friend offered to teach her to log - look at the sun, look at the smugness on our faces - this was the start of SUMMER!!!! (no your right that was summer, never again did we get our jumpers off!)

Then we got busy covering mares and setting up the stud and muley spent the time in the field unridden (I know I'm bad!) We did drag ourselves out, scrubbed up and hogged to the bone, to the western show at Carlisle run by SHAPS. Disaster - mules classes were the 5th and 8th with no classes before 2pm.... well change of plan on the day due to rain and her first class the showmanship started at 1.55pm and the trail straight after. We did not show ourselves off to our best, half dressed and gawping round the indoor school with eyes on stalks. On the plus side muley said she met some lovely ladies and chomped her way through many a pack of polos - leaving them in no doubt she did not get sweeties at home and wasn't she a poor deprived mule?!!!

In June we went to a BBQ - and a friend mentioned evening showjumping at a local arena - Oh I said "I'll take muley one night" - friend said "Friday?" - "Ha ha I havn't cantered her in a year and she's never jumped, no not Friday" On Tuesday friend booked the local arena for a practise and on Friday muley went "showjumping" Well steering is still an issue and I wouldn't describe her as "careful" but she loves to jump. This year we puddled round the tiny classes but hopefully next year we will have done a lot more work and can step up a gear.

Well she's clipped and rugged this year but I must admit I don't "do" winter so I suspect she'll not be over worked again until the spring!! Big plans for next year though.... watch this space!

Does this photo not scream "Arghhhhh I've been mugged, some swine snuck into my stable and stole half my fur" Unamused mule!!

Getting ready for the bigger classes!!

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jinglejoys said...

Some great photos!It really is developing into a lovely animal