Sunday, 23 December 2007

Mules Spain - Albert Vickers

Looking for a good sized mule and struggling to find one in the U.K? Many people have imported mules from Albert Vickers at MulesSpain - I have included extracts from an email from Albert in Italics to give an idea of costs and some photos of some beautiful mules to whet your appetite!!

A Horse looks into your eye's, a mule looks into your soul". Author unknown!

Spanish mules can have the most fantastic conformation as good as anything you have seen anywhere! They are noble animals that should be respected. There dignity reflects well on us. There suffering reflects badly on all of us!
"To ride a horse you must be proud, to ride a mule you must be humble"!. Author unknown!

These days the price of mules ranges from around 1.000euros to 6.000euros. I only send mules between April and September as English winters can be exceptionally hard compared to our 55f minimum. Transport is around another 1.000euros. As from April this year 2007. The animal registration regulations in Andalucia (soon all Spain) is now extremely strict.
Before anyone can buy or sell an equine Mule,Horse,Donkey, they must be registered owners/dealers. They must have a 'Codigo' which is a registration number that is tied to the owner. They must now have a hygiene certificate from a vet to say the animal has no infestations. The animal must be wormed. The place the animal stays must have automatic drinking water and suitable housing. animals must be micro chipped. There should also be 3rd Party Insurance. In fact this is just a part of the new legislation. Sadly this has tended to put up the price of the animals obviously! The best specialist Animal Transport companies often make pick ups here twice a month! Mules have passports with their micro chip number visible.
If a donkey was good enough for the Christ, it's hybrid offspring is to good for most people. Mules are too smart for the average person! Oh I said that

I would love to have any photos you have of mules jumping, eventing etc, I sold 25 mules to the UK in 2004, and 40 all told there so far. Mostly they are used for trekking holidays and a few are saddle rides for their owners.

Spain is wonderful for mule riding. Although they generally are misunderstood by the average Spaniard, they are accepted. Also there is several thousands kilometers of tracks we can ride in a hundreds of thousands of hectares we can actually ride across without problem just here in Andalucia.


jinglejoys said...

Great Mules--this is where my Malaga came from (Article pending!)

Laura said...

Thanks Jenny - am looking forward to a Malaga article and of course little Blue in her saddle chariot!! So now I just need to hunt down the other 39 "Albie" mules in the UK!!!!