Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Malaga - Part 2

Please read Part one first!!!!


Malaga came over the channel to Dover where he had yet another rest before being brought to me.

I had arranged for him to be dropped off a few fields away on my neighbours land as there was no way a lorry could turn into my driveway. As it was he only just made it onto my neighbours land. The lorry was HUGE and “sat down” on command in order to make the ramp almost level to the ground.(Better behaved than my Giant Schnauzer pup!)

The ramp was opened and Malaga walked down, head up and ears pricked wondering where he was and how long was he going to stay for this time. He looked so big compared to Sarah-lee and sported a lovely green and white head collar (Andalusian colours) I was so excited I forgot to check the readings on my camera so most of them didn’t turn out :0( but I got a couple before it grew too dark
I’ve had him a whole week now and what are my impressions?—He’s gorgeous, a bit of a gangly teenager but that’s only to be expected. His manners are good and he’s not at all head shy which is another reason Albie chose him for me. He’s obviously been bought on gently. I was warned that he’s difficult to catch but once he has a hand on his body he stands like a rock “Don’t remove the lead rope”.

I took him out to the round pen and joined up with him—that is with “Equeous mule talk” (Round the pen twice then turn and look at you till YOU join up and do as HE asks!) He also did a pretty passable “follow up” and was soon following me round the pen at my shoulder asking me when I was going to put the headcollor back on him and quit playing around he wanted to go out into the field and play.

I let him out and after a graze and a roll he walked off to explore while I got on preparing his supper. After a while he got bored and came looking for me and when I pretended to ignore him he trotted (Or should I say floated) up and down the fence trying to get my attention-he certainly succeeded!

Eventually I took pity on him and went out put his lead rope on and bought him in.

I’ve yet to introduce him properly to Sarah-lee and the others (They don’t seem that impressed) but I think that will wait a while as I can’t see them being a good influence on him! I want to play some games with him first and get him used to my ways.

A progress report to follow—watch this space!

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Wiola said...

I have just found your blog and can't believe how gorgeous they are! Will definitely be back to read more :)
All the best!