Sunday, 25 November 2007

Muffin - Valley Farm

Muffin by Sarah Ling.

Our mule is called Muffin. She is a ride and drive and works in the riding school. She has a very large fan club here. She is very unusual as she is totally white and has some strange whorls on her body (I think who ever designed her ran out of fur and so just stuck it on randomly which is why the whorls don't meet up in the normal places). At Christmas she is much in demand locally to be the Christmas Donkey. She often delivers Mary to an inn. At Easter she is again in demand as the Easter Donkey and has transported many a Jesus over palm leaves to assorted churches. She is very house trained. She has also met all the cast from Dad's Army and the Hi-de-Hi crew when she spent a day at Bressingham Steam Museum as a beach donkey in a Hi-de-Hi re-enactment.
Muffin has her own book. It is used when she visits the schools as part of her educating children bit. It compares Muffin's daily routine to the childrens and they are surprised to find how alike they all are, especially that they share the same bone layout. Also, Muffin is featured in the Valley Farm book, twenty five years of animal antics. It is for sale from the centre at £5.00 a book plus P&P if you know anyone who is intrested.

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