Friday, 23 November 2007


Eeyore is about 12.1 hands at the moment & is 2 years old & black. He has been in his current home for nearly a year now and was bought from a lady in Hirwaun, South Wales, who also owns his dam, a pretty welsh sec C.

It is hoped that he will be broken to ride & maybe drive when hes older and used for donkey /pony rides (Tanrallts Furry Friends) Hes very sweet & lovable, but has just a few little silly ways that need sorting out, one of them being that if he doesn't like the look of something he will just go into reverse!! He's always the first to come over for some fuss and when when he brays/neighs? it sounds just like an old lorry starting up!

The photos show Eeyore in 2006 and growing up into a lovely looking mule in summer 2007.

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